Hiking Trails

Young’s Peak Trail

This trail begins at the firehouse parking lot (1 ½ blocks east of the Crawford Community Church). The trail takes you to the top of Young’s Peak (known locally as “C” Hill) on the north side of town. This expedition is worth the 45 minutes to one hour that you will spend climbing.

Needle Rock & the Needle Rock Trail

Needle Rock is the eroded plug of an extinct volcano that rises 700 feet above Missouri Flats about 4 miles east of Crawford.
Needle Rock is the unofficial symbol of Crawford Country, and it is worth the short trip to see it up close. From the parking area on the south side of the spire, a trail leads up as far as one might want to venture on foot.
Beautiful views, but again, take hiking shoes and water. Unless you are foolish or part mountain goat, don’t even think of going all the way to the top! ¼ mile one way. 600-foot elev. change. 

Mount Lamborn Trail

This is the day long hike to the top of Mount Lamborn starting at about 6000 ft. in elevation and climbing to over 11,000 ft. and a spectacular view of the whole Valley. Mount Lamborn and Landsend Peak (the cone shaped one) are the two peaks that dominate the southeastern skyline from Hotchkiss.